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Once the treaty is signed, NStQ’s Title Lands will include private lands and public lands. NStQ public lands are any NStQ Title Lands that are not named as private lands by the NStQ. There will be reasonable public access to NStQ public title lands for temporary recreational and non-commercial purposes so long as it does not interfere with NStQ uses.

Non-NStQ citizens will have reasonable access to cross NStQ Treaty Settlement Lands to access their water works, tenures or fee simple lands if necessary and NStQ may receive compensation for providing that access. Public right of navigation across water in NStQ Title Lands will also continue.

There will also be access for all representatives of Canada and BC to carry out their duties, respond to emergencies and deliver and manage programs and services. Processes have been agreed to about how this will be done. NStQ will have access to crown lands on the same basis as federal and provincial representatives.