Culture and Heritage

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Cultural materials, oral history, and Secwepemcstin serve an integral role in the continuation of NStQ culture, values and traditions. Once we reach a Final Agreement, NStQ may make laws applicable on NStQ Title Lands regarding the conservation and protection of NStQ cultural sites and NStQ cultural materials; Secwepemcstin, NStQ culture, heritage and NStQ traditional knowledge, and ancestral remains found on NStQ Title Lands.

All NStQ laws regarding the conservation, protection and management of NStQ cultural sites and NStQ cultural materials will offer at least the same level of conservation, protection and management as federal and provincial laws.

If BC or Canada currently holds or comes into possession of NStQ cultural material or ancestral remains, these materials will be returned to NStQ. Key geographic features will also be named/renamed in Secwepemcstin.

NStQ and the government(s) will work together to preserve NStQ cultural sites. NStQ will be responsible for sites on NStQ Title Lands, Canada and BC will be responsible for sites off NStQ Title Lands.