Eligibility and Enrolment

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Individuals will be eligible to be enrolled as a citizen of NStQ if they have NStQ ancestry, are a member of one of the four NStQ communities, or were adopted under a law recognized in NStQ or Canada custom.

An NStQ Enrolment Committee will be created to establish its enrolment procedures, publish its procedures and eligibility criteria, and take reasonable steps to notify individuals that are potentially eligible to be enrolled. The committee will also provide application forms for enrolment, consider and decide each application based on the eligibility criteria, and establish and maintain an Enrolment Register.

NStQ and Canada will establish an Enrolment Appeal Board so individuals denied eligibility may appeal their decision. The appeal board will be comprised of one member from each NStQ community and one member appointed from Canada. Appeal board members will not be members of the Enrolment Committee.

Individuals that enrol will continue to have a Status Card and will be eligible for all services provided to individuals with Status.