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August 11 2014


NSTC Fisheries department has organized with the First Nations Health Authority to test the water quality and the safety of the salmon caught in the Fraser River. Water samples will be taken from two locations in the Fraser River at traditional fishing sites. Water sampling will occur the week of August 11 and again the week of August 18. The water will be tested from a human health perspective to ensure that it is safe for people to be working in the water. Sockeye salmon which have been caught at NSTQ traditional fishing sites will also be sampled. Both skin and muscle samples will be tested to check that fish are safe to eat. Sampling of the fish will also occur over a 2 week period.

We will be reporting the results of the testing as soon as we know them. Until we have the results of this testing the NSTC Fisheries department cannot make any other definitive statements about the health and safety of consuming fish caught in the Fraser River. The government of BC has issued a statement that the salmon in the Fraser River and its tributaries are safe for human consumption. We hope that the testing we are doing will confirm that.

For further inquiry contact Ernest Kroeker NSTC Fisheries Manager or Andrew Meshue NSTC Fisheries Coordinator @ 250.392.7361

Ernest Kroeker
Northern Shuswap Tribal Council
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