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Mount Polley Tailings Pond Breach

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Quesnel Lake and River spill - Lead Federal Agency

Hello all, I have been fielding a number of calls today with regards to the Mount Polley tailing pond. I’m afraid I have very little additional information from that being reported in the Media.
All I can say at this time is that:

• The BC Ministry of the Environment is leading the response and initial investigation into this incident.

• Environment Canada is the lead federal agency on accidents of this nature.

• The possible impacts on the Fraser River sockeye salmon as a result of tailings deposit into Quesnel Lake are not known at this time.

The Ministry of the Environment is undertaking testing on the water quality in Quesnel Lake. It will take a few days to get the results of the testing and I believe testing will continue for some time.
I assume the results of this testing will be made available on a future date.

If I become aware of any further information and/or discover sources of information I will let you know.

Thank you,

Linda Stevens
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