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Non-compliance Advisory Letter, Order 107461

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September 9, 2014
File: 107461
Mount Polley Mining Corporation Suite 200
580 Hornby ST
Vancouver, BC V6C 3B6
Dear Mr. Dale Reimer:
Re: Non-compliance Advisory Letter, Order 107461
It is appreciated that Mount Polley Mining Corporation (MPMC) and their consultants and contractors have been conducting assessments and significant works at and around the site of the tailing storage facility failure of August 4, 2014. It is also understood that work has been priorized based on limiting the further loss of mine related material to the environment and the ability to work safely in areas around and below the spill site. However the Ministry of Environment is concerned that more action could be taken to provide a greater degree of environmental protection in a more timely manner.
On Sept 4 2014, 31 days after the tailings storage facility breach, your facility was inspected by staff from the Ministry of Environment, Environmental Protection Division. At the time of inspection, it was noted that MPMC was discharging effluent from the tailings storage facility into Hazeltine Creek. As a result of this, MPMC is out of compliance with section 1 of Order 107461 under the Environmental Management Act, for having failed to abate the discharge of mine-affected materials and sediments from the tailings storage facility.
Please take prompt action to abate all discharges from the tailings storage facility into the receiving environment by undertaking activities such as installing passive and/or active sediment control systems (like silt curtains, sediment traps, diverting flows away from mine-affected material and hydro seeding) and ensuring abatement capacity is designed and built to handle a 1 in 10 year 24 hour rainfall event.
This Advisory is the first step of an escalating enforcement response to a violation of the Environmental Management Act. This Advisory, the alleged violations and the circumstances to which it refers will form part of the compliance history for Mount Polley Mining Corporation and its responsible officials and will be taken into account in the event of future non-compliance.If you have any questions with regard to this Advisory, please contact the undersigned at (250) 751-3254 or Shelley Metcalfe at (604) 582-5332.
Yours truly,
Hubert Bunce
A/Director Mining Operations
Environmental Protection
cc: Al Hoffman, Chief Inspector, Ministry of Energy and Mines
Dr. Trevor Corneil, Interior Health Authority
Janis Bell, Chief Administrative Officer, Cariboo Regional District
Kelly Dahl, Detective Sergeant, Conservation Officer Service