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NStQ Fisheries Notice

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Fishing for Chinook is now open under license XFSC 281 2014.

Retention of incidental COHO Salmon is allowed.

The retention of SOCKEYE SALMON (Oncorhynchus nerka) is prohibited in the waters of the Fraser River. SOCKEYE SALMON (Oncorhynchus nerka) may be retained in the waters of the Chilcotin River and the Chilko River during this time period.

This license is valid from July 7th, 2014 to July30th, 2014. On or prior to July30th, 2014 the NSTC Fisheries Department will review the status of returns of Early Stuart sockeye to the Fraser River and determine if a conservation closure is warranted due to low returns and extreme migration conditions that could affect the number of Early Stuart sockeye that reach the spawning grounds. You will be notified ASAP via catch monitors on site or this Face book site that a closure is in effect due to conservation concerns.

Non-Secwepemc can be designated to fish providing they have obtained one or all of the following:

1. Letter from an NStQ Band indicating permission to harvest fish in the NStQ Traditional Territory, and/or
2. Fishing Authorization from the Northern Shuswap Tribal Council Fisheries Department.
3. Transportation Authorization. Identifies the number of fish being transported out of the territory. Commonly used by NStQ living in urban areas.
4. The Fishing Authorization can also serve as a transportation permit for out of town fishers if the NSTC is closed and the number of fish in possession of the traveler does not exceed the amount authorized to fish for.

Catch Surveying and Reporting
Fishers please report your catch to the NSTC Catch Monitoring staff that are present at the fishing sites. Fishers also be aware that you can report your catch to the NSTC Fisheries Department if no Catch Monitoring Staff are available during their fishing times.

Catch survey information is considered strictly confidential; however summary data statistics will be used by the NSTC for fisheries management planning purposes. It is extremely important to report and record all catches and fishing effort.

Traditional Fishing Practices
Traditional Fishing Practices shall be exercised with pride and respect for the resources that we rely on. Please respect and practice our traditional methods of fishing in a safe and healthy manner and demonstrate our respect for traditional activities to our children; in addition it is important to convey that respect to the public and exemplify pride in ourselves when we are on the land.

Fishing Conduct
Fishers will remove all garbage from fishing sites; this illustrates respect for our traditional territories. Fish entrails will be removed, buried or thrown into the river and all harvested fish must be removed from the fishing site. Permission will be sought for use of private property. Please refrain from using drugs or alcohol while at the fishing sites.

Use of fish caught under this plan
Fish caught under this plan will be used for food, social and ceremonial purposes only. Trading fish with other First Nations for traditional items (foods, tools etc…) is encouraged.

Please check back regularly for updates.

For further inquiry contact Ernest Kroeker NSTC Fisheries Manager or Andrew Meshue NSTC Fisheries Coordinator @ 250.392.7361

Ernest Kroeker
Northern Shuswap Tribal Council
17 S. 1st Avenue
Williams Lake, BC V2G 1H4