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There is a good cross-section of sampling locations for both tissue and water sampling.

A big thank you goes out to the First Nations who have provided the tissue samples, to FNHA for processing the tissue samples and collecting the water samples, and FRAFS for communicating .

All of the information related to the samples processed by the FNHA will be available at the FNHA website, but I will provide a brief summary here:

Water samples (2-4 days to process after receipt by lab) - locations and dates:
• Just downstream from Quesnel River confluence - shipped Monday (Aug 18th)
• Rudy Johnson’s bridge - shipped (Aug 19)
• Gang Ranch bridge (Aug 19)
Tissue samples taken so far (1-2 weeks turnaround):
• shipment of 5 sockeye & 1 chinook (Chilcotin system) last Wednesday (mix of 2013 and 2014 fish)
• sockeye samples 7 - 12 (shipped from Williams Lake Aug 20) - 6 sockeye: 2 from Chilcotin (Farwell Canyon), 2 from Xatsull, 2 from Gang Ranch Bridge (downstream from Chilcotin confluence)
Tissue samples expected 1-2 weeks turnaround:
• 7 tissue samples from Quesnel (expected to be sockeye but may include chinook): Nazko and Ltako Dene
• 1 sockeye from Esdilah
• 9 from mainstem Fraser mid-fraser (upstream and downstream of the Thompson River): to be shipped hopefully August 21
30 total tissue: from this round listed above.

You may visit the FNHA website and the FRAFS website for more information.

Pete Nicklin, R.P.Bio.
Fraser Fisheries Biologist
Fraser River Aboriginal Fisheries Secretariat